What to Bring

Our atmosphere is casual with an emphasis on Western. Winters can warm up by day but be very brisk in the mornings and evenings. We suggest layers to adjust to the changing temperatures and for protection from the Arizona sun’s rays.

Our Sonoran Desert location is a dry, arid climate and can quickly lead to dehydration. Water bottles are our complementary gift to you to encourage hydration during your stay at the ranch. Sun screen and hats are recommended.

Around the ranch you will need:

  • jeans or other long sturdy pants
  • long- and short-sleeved shirts
  • a warm jacket for cool desert mornings and evenings
  • layering clothing (vests, jackets) provides for temperature changes
  • swimming suit for the spa and pool
  • sturdy tennis shoes or hiking boots for the hiking trail
  • gloves will keep your hands warm in the cool mornings, whether you ride or not
  • sunglasses

For horseback riding you will need

  • we recommend long sleeved shirts for riding and hiking
  • jeans or riding pants
  • we suggest an extra layer between jeans and skin, such as tights, pantyhose, long underwear or Lycra shorts to protect you from chaffing. We sell padded skins (similar to bike shorts) in the ranch Emporium.
  • long socks
  • boots with a smooth sole and heel (loaner boots available)
  • riding helmet (loaner helmets available)
  • cowboy hat (loaner riding hats available)
  • sports bra
  • gloves for riding (available for purchase in ranch Emporium)

Bring your own personal toiletries

  • moisturizer is helpful in the dry desert air
  • sunscreen (available for purchase in the Emporium)
  • hairdryers are provided in each guest bathroom

Compliments of Kay El Bar Guest ranch

  • your own Kay El Bar water bottle for hikes and rides. Please keep yourself hydrated during your stay, and take your water bottle home as a souvenir.
  • loaner riding helmets, loaner cowboy hats, and loaner cowboy boots

Weather in Wickenburg Arizona

You can check the weather online for Wickenburg AZ in advance of your trip.