3 women sitting on a bench enjoying Kay El Bar dude ranch

Meet new friends who love the west - just like you

This is the first time I've been on holiday on my own — I've always wanted to visit a ranch and decided that if I didn't go on my own I'd never find the opportunity. I chose Kay El Bar because it came across as relaxed, friendly and focused on riding and good food. I had the most amazing time! Even though I was on my own, I never felt alone — I felt happy, relaxed and amongst (new) friends and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

We have many single guests at the ranch. It’s a great way to recharge, and enjoy as much solitude or group activities as you like. You can mingle with other guests as much as you want on the trails, at family-style dining tables, around the fireplace in the evening. We often hear that Kay El Bar is more welcoming to single guests than most places – we agree, and think that’s because of the special guests who come here.