photo of hammocks in the shade at kay el bar all-inclusive Arizona resort

Kick off your boots and relax

Kay El Bar Guest Ranch has always been an authentic dude ranch, which means we were "unplugged" before anyone was even "plugged". Things haven't changed much since we opened our doors to guests in 1918. When you stay at Kay El Bar, you step into a time gone by.

Whether you are a rider ready for down time after a day on the trail, or a non-rider with the whole day ahead of you, there is a whole lot of, well, nothing to do at Kay El Bar Guest Ranch. Here are eight relaxing suggestions:

1 Conversations.  One-on-one talks, or with a group, connecting with others is a joy.  One guest told us recently how much she treasured seeing her son's eyes, instead of his forehead, and having unrushed conversation with her companions and with the other guests.

2 Dining.  The home-cooked food  is great, and the company is unforgettable.  Communal dining is a cowboy tradition, and a lot of the memories are made as we share stories while dining family style.

3 Hiking.  The Sonoran Desert is gorgeous, and trails range from flat to gentle hills.   Everyone enjoys getting out and seeing the plants and animals of the desert.

4 Bird Watching.  The skies are alive with desert birds, and head cook Keith happily shares his avian expertise with guests.

5 Evenings in the lodge.  Rediscover the pleasures of board games, puzzles, reading, and music in our lodge.  The timbers and décor is original, so it's easy to get in a relaxed spirit and you won't miss watching TV or a movie (there aren't any).  The old-timers did enjoy a drink from time to time, and so can our guests.

6 Outdoor activities.  Lots of ways to just hang out, including horseshoes, lawn area, and a pool and whirlpool spa (NOT from the 1900's).

7 Town of Wickenburg.  This historic town makes a great day trip, with a museum full of western artifacts, ice cream parlor, western attire shops.

8 Doing nothing.

If you don't know what to do first, well, our friendly horses always welcome you to pay them a visit. But don't wake them up if they are sleeping.  They have to get back on the trail tomorrow.