3 people in fall jackets enjoying a family ranch vacation

Enjoy your family without all of the hustle and bustle

Kay El Bar is truly awesome. This was our fourth stay, and I'm already wrangling (pun intended) our next trips. My 11 year old wants to go fast and far when she rides. She always has fun at Kay El Bar. My 13 yr old son is allergic to horses and yet he also loves this place. When asked he said it's not so much the horses as everything else. Did I mention that he was a 13 yr old boy! There's a reason they have so many returning guests at Kay El Bar!

Kay El Bar is always a good choice for a vacation for the entire family. It's a safe and wholesome environment for kids to be kids. Ride together during the day, and wind down in the hot tub or pool by night. Kids will have fun exploring the ranch, star-gazing, games in the lodge or horseshoes, and the whole family can learn about the surrounding wildlife from our knowledgeable wranglers.

Trail riding starts with children 7 years or older.  Each child (age 7 and older) is assessed for individual ability; it is not required that children are on the same ride as their parents or guardians.  There is no minimum age for a child allowed to sit on horse if the parent or legal guardian is present. If you have any questions feel free to contact the ranch office.